H-Max Drive

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Turn power on

  • When the power switch is turned on, the demo will light up.
  • Turn the power switch on.
  • The unit is currently in hand mode.
  • Press the start button.
  • Adjust the motor speed with the up and down buttons.

Demo 1 Complete!

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The HOA key

  • Press the button on the H-Max Drive control panel labeled HOA.
  • Use the arrows on the direction pad to move the cursor to Auto.
  • The option will blink. Press OK to select the option.
  • Note: You are now controlling the drive via digital inputs.

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Start drive via digital inputs

  • Turn the power switch on.
  • DIN3 closes the interlock, turn on the switch labeled DIN3.
  • The switch labeled DIN1 starts the H-Max Drive. Turn the switch on and notice the motor is turning.
  • Turn DIN1 off.

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Control speed

  • Turn DIN1 on.
  • Close DIN3 by turning the switch on.
  • The AI1 voltage input is adjusts motor's speed. Turn the dial.
  • The display shows the motor speed. Notice that the motor speed changing as you turn the dial.
  • Switch DIN1 to the off position to stop the motor.

Demo 4 Complete!

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Trigger a fault screen

  • Turn DIN1 on.
  • Switch DIN2 up to simulate an external fault.
  • The display begins flashing to attract attention to the fault.
  • Notice that the screen describes the fault including recommended action and fault codes.
  • Flip DIN2 down to fix the fault.
  • The screen continues to indicate the fault, so intermittent faults are not missed.
  • Press the STOP/RESET button to clear the fault.
  • Navigate to the Diagnostics option.
  • Press OK to select it.
  • See the options Reset Faults, Fault History and Active Faults.
  • Move to Fault History by pressing the down arrow.
  • Press OK to select it.
  • Selecting Fault History displays the last forty faults including the error code and time stamp.
  • Switch DIN1 to the off position.

Demo 5 Complete!

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Four preset speeds

  • Turn DIN1 on.
  • The switch labeled DIN4 is set to run the H-Max Drive at a preset speed. Switch it up.
  • The drive will run at 15.00 Hz.
  • The H-Max Drive can be programmed with up to four preset speeds controlled by digital inputs.
  • Turn DIN4 off, the drive will run at the last speed set.
  • Turn DIN1 off.

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Fire mode

  • Turn DIN3 on.
  • Flip DIN5 up to enter fire mode.
  • When alerted of fire, the H-Max Drive ignores all faults and runs at a preset speed to clear smoke.
  • Notice the display is flashing and the fire mode screen is active.
  • Turn DIN5 off.
  • The demonstration is complete.

Demo 7 Complete!

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1Analog Output   
14Power Supply
Operating Mode
I/O Term
Operating Mode
Motor Speed %
Motor Current
Motor Voltage
Motor Power kW
Possible Cause Digital input fault.
Remedy Remove fault situation on external device.
Alarm Action33
Fire Mode Details Fire mode of the drive is enabled. Some of the drive’s protections are disabled and the warranty is void.
12Voltage Input
13Current Input
12Voltage Input