Eaton: ATC-900 Transfer Control Switch

What if power loss strikes right now?

Eaton: ATC-900 Transfer Control Switch

The ATC-900 strikes right back.

The ATC-900 ATS controller automatically transfers power, in a flash.

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ATC-900 Transfer Switch Controller

Eaton: ATC Automatic Transfer Switch

See more key features that make the ATC-900 the transfer switch controller of choice.

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ATC-900 Transfer Sequence

Eaton ATC-900 Transfer Sequence

In a power outage scenario, the following
sequence simulates the basic open
transition transfer

Transition Flowchart

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ATC-900 Key Features

The ATC-900’s ease of use and reliability are the result of many convenient, useful, innovative and protective features. Here are just a few:

  • USB functionality for set points, historical data and more
  • Historical log of 450 time-stamped events
  • Up to 20 configurable inputs and outputs
  • Simple arrow keys for quick screen navigation
  • No codes or abbreviations
  • Screens grouped for ease of viewing and edits
  • Password protection